Business Management vs Business Administration – Differences

Administration and Management are synonyms in itself. Generally in business world, both the terms have identical responsibilities and functions of administering and managing an organization, working towards achieving the primary goal that is profit motives. However there is one essential difference in both the business functions. ISBM

Managing an organization is carried out by the business professionals which involves in planning business activities, organizing, controlling and operating various departments, implementing business principles for a goal which an organization aims to achieve. While Administering involves the core subjects of knowledge in accounting, finance, marketing, operations, it broadens the scope of managing the business on a wide front. Management of a business carries out its functionality overall in controlling and organizing, priming at business communications internally and outside the organization, motivation of the employees and leading the overall team to attain a specific goal of maintaining the flow of business, to be smooth and functional in management area.

Students usually tend to choose the most liberal scope of learning business or organizational skills which is really subjective of an individual’s choice to carry out business activity for a general objective. The aspect ratios comparatively of both the concepts of business management and business administration is examined depending upon the greater insights of learning potentiality of the student.



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